Your Backstage Pass to PraiseCharts, WorshipTraining, WorshipVue, and more

Did you know that PraiseCharts shares the stage with five other related sites? The two sites currently active are WorshipTraining and WorshipVue. Three more sites are in development, including PraiseBooks, Liturgies and ChordShark. All of the sites together form an integrated family of online resources under Sonreign Media, Inc.

Ryan Dahl, the founder of PraiseCharts, has spent the last month establishing an online presence for Sonreign Media at Visiting Sonreign is like having a backstage pass to the world of development and innovation behind PraiseCharts, WorshipTraining, WorshipVue, PraiseBooks, Liturgies, ChordShark … and more to come in the future.

We have decided to not remain secretive about what is in our development tank. Sonreign is like an open book, filled with ideas, concepts, discussions and announcements.

For more than 12 years, PraiseCharts has been changing the landscape of digital music and media publishing. The PraiseCharts platform, along their worldwide development team, as evolved into a well oiled innovation machine. We don’t focus on how things have been done before. We don’t even do a lot of customer surveys (other than for song requests). We are trying to focus on things you haven’t seen before. Things we imagine — that is innovation!

So, don’t just be a consumer. Here is an invitation to come back stage. Enter the dialogue. Watch things unfold. See the half-baked wireframes and concepts that will enevitably become the future.

A world of opportunity lies in front of us. Not just to become bigger — to become better. And really — not just better, but different.

We really have no competition, because we aren’t following anyone. We want to see other publishers, artists, distributors and resource companies around us succeed. Their gain is our gain when it builds the Kingdom of God.

Want to see all this development unfold? Visit, get on the email update list and then follow us at and

About Ryan Dahl

Chief Innovator Sonreign Media, Inc.
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