Tweeking The Worship Twitter Trends Analyzer for #worshipset #sundaysetlist

Are you one of the hundreds that tweet their worship set every week using the hashtag #worshipset or #sundaysetlist? Behind the scenes in PraiseCharts, we are getting ready to surface a new section of our site that will consolidate all the songs mentioned in those tweets — in real time, every week — so that you can get a pulse on what “the Church” is singing.  Most of the songs mentioned will link to a wide collection of downloadable music resources that we have available at PraiseCharts.  If we discover new songs trending that we don’t have music for, you can bet we’ll do everything we can to get the charts asap. To find out more about what is in development, click the twitter trends tag in our blog.

Going live with this project after one week seems to have been a little aggressive. So, for those interested, I’m just going to let you in on the process of getting from idea to reality.  The first layer of programming is done.  I already have a page reporting on all the songs being tweeted, sorted by priority from most to least mentioned.  Now, we are refining the list, and getting the results ready for better integration into PraiseCharts.  The beauty of this entire project is that it is like an invitation for worship leaders to have a direct impact on what we do in PraiseCharts, without us even sending them a survey.  We simply track what you are already doing.  Hopefully, we can get a lot more churches tweeting their setlists every week.  It is so easy, and to be honest, quite fascinating when you see the consolidated results.  Together, we’ll be able to spot trends, and see new songs rising to the surface like bubbles of fresh air.  I am envisioning a little graph for each song that will visualize how that song has been used in churches around the world over time.  The more we can get people tweeting, the better the data feed.  So, start this week, and get in on this even as we are tweeking our program.

A lot of the tweaking process for us right now involves writing rules to clean up the data.  It would be so easy if everybody tweeted the same way.  But overall, there are patterns – and where there are patterns, programmers can find away to clean up the feed.  If you want to help, here is an example of a nice clean tweet:

@ryandahl Jesus You Are, Shout To The Lord, Blessed Be Your Name, How Great Is Our God #worshipset

That’s all we are looking for.  Simply list your songs between commas, and then put either #worshipset or #sundaysetlist at the end (some people use both).  If you want to make us earn our keep, you can use tweet code like this:

@ryandahl Jesus U R, Shout 2 The Lord, Blessed Be UR Name, How Gr8 Is R God #worshipset

It is techy tweeters like that who slow us down, because we have to write code to interpret all the variations.  Basecamp is a great tool for this.  I can spend a couple hours going through the program and make a long list of specific items that need to be addressed.  Then, I just send that list to the programmer, and he checks them off, one by one.  We have dozens of project lists involving different combinations of people from all around the world.  Basecamp is like a virtual office, that helps us make sure no detail is forgotten.  Here is an example of what that looks like today for our Worship Twitter Trends project.  As soon as we get all these items checked off, you’ll be able to see the results.  The plan is to put the results right inside, and link all of the songs mentioned to our catalog.  Stay tuned for new developments, and don’t forget to tweet your list this week!


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